Why not arrange a different seminar day, family event or business dinner with us at Nanoq? You can order coffee and a small snack directly from the museum. If you want to offer food to your guests, we can give recommendations to our local catering companies. Our cosy smoke sauna is usually very popular with guests, and if you are looking for something with a little more excitement, we offer Nanoq Escape.

Our Arctic Culture -packages contain ready-made concepts following different themes that give our visitors a memorable experience.

Arctic Culture - packages coming soon

Sorry! Our Arctic Culture -packages website is not translated into English. Visit our finnsh or swedish website to find out more or reach out to us and we will present them to you.

Nanoq Adventure – Childrens’ Adventure

Nanoq Adventure is a small adventure that includes polar bear bingo and a quiz/ mystery. The adventure is especially aimed at children, but takes into account different age groups and contains something for everyone. Even adults can find the adventure entertaining. Nanoq Adventure is offered in the summer and included in the entrance fee.