Nanoq – The First Arctic Museum in Finland and in Europe

The Arctic Museum Nanoq was inaugurated in June 1991 in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari) in Finland and is the first Arctic museum in Europe. Nanoq displays the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as surrounding areas and is a tribute to the cultures of the last Arctic peoples. Over the years the museum has grown to become a vibrant Arctic cultural centre, which is visited annually by thousands of guests from all over the world.

The museum’s name Nanoq comes from Greenlandic and means polar bear. At Nanoq you can get acquainted with Arctic peoples, cultures and customs, and hear exciting stories from famous expeditions to the North and South Pole. The museum area is situated in the middle of the forest and consists of different cottages that have been built over the years. Each cottage has their own story to tell.

About The Museum

Opening hours

From 1 September to 31 May, we are open by request. Please contact us to book your visit.

Summer season from 1 June to 31 August  

During the summer season the museum is open every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
During the midsummer weekend the museum is closed.


Free entrance for for children under school age

Children 5 € / With guiding 7.50€ 

Students 8 € / with guiding 13€

Adults 10 € / with guiding 15 €

Location and contact information


Phone number:



Note! Nanoq is located in the middle of the forest and the terrain is natural. There might be slippery spots, roots and wet ground, so walk carefully.

At Nanoq we organize different happenings and exhibitions. For example, each summer we have a new exhibition and children’s adventure. 

Sadly we don’t have our most recent news in English, check our social media to find out more!

2024 Special Exhibition

Under planning…


Loved the small enchanting place . Exciting stories of the so kind owner that show us around although the museum was closed, and Bono his friendly Dog...thanks!
Tomi Rönkkö
Tomi Rönkkö
Very interesting and definitely worth a visit.
Mirjaleena Newman
Mirjaleena Newman
Extremely well executed and also very educational. The buildings look interesting both from the inside and the outside. The museum has received many impressve donations from various explorers. We could have easily spent more time there but sadly we arrived late and only had 1 hour. There are also organised activities for younger and older kids with rewards. I recommend the museum to everyone!
Sandra ST
Sandra ST
It is a hidden treasure in Pietarsaari, west coast of Finland You can feel the passion for Polar Bear (Nanoq) and Greenland in the founder and his volunteers of this museum. You have to park your car at the designated visitors parking lot. The entrance fee is 10€ per head for an adult. Recommended! Worth to go!
Ekaterina Kryshkina
Ekaterina Kryshkina
Awesome place to visit with very friendly staff! Everyone can find something interesting, from beautiful paintings to fascinating foundings from Arctic expeditions and, of course, wonderful nature around.
Saskia Smids
Saskia Smids
I have studied arctic social-cult.anthropology, so for me this museum was very interesting place, there was so much information that it almost exhausted us. We did'nt know anything about this museum, but the Jakobstad's turist information had advertisments about it. It was very very impressing!
Markus Oja
Markus Oja
One of the interesting hidden treasures of Finland. The different buildings and scenes are well worth seeing. Museum it self is interesting but could use some elimination. Now it's in many places a "pile of all the items we have" and a cafe would definitely be in order. I mean self service ice cream is ok, but would have gladly paid for some sandwiches or some such after a long visit.
Dave Cox
Dave Cox
Thoroughly enjoyed this exhibit of how several Arctic peoples live, and also Finish history, including the Winter War. Knowledge docents, some of which speak English. Structures were built by volunteers, started by one man whom has visited Northern Greenland 5 times.