Nanoq Escape - a unique escape experience!

In Nanoq Escape, instead of trying to escape a room, your task is to try to get into several different cottages with help of keys you find. Inside the cottages, there are clues about a bigger mystery, that you need to solve within the given timeframe. The different tasks in the cottages are reminiscent of the puzzle tasks in normal escape rooms.

We’ve got two different escape routes at Nanoq; The Shaman’s Lost Amulet and Franklin’s Curse.

Group size

The recommended amount of participants in The Shaman’s Lost Amulet is 3-4 persons, and 3-6 in Franklin’s curse.

It is also possible to participate in Franklin’s curse as a bigger group, 7-10 persons. Bigger groups will be divided into two smaller ones that have to cooperate to solve the mystery. For more information contact us.

Target audience

The recommended age for participants is 16 years and above.

The difficulty level on both our routes is a 3, on a scale of 1-5.


3: 30€/person

4: 27€/person

5: 24€/person

6-8: 22€/person

9-10: 20€/person


The groups must arrive 15 minutes beforehand. If the group is late, that time will be taken from their in-game time. The total game time is 60-65 minutes.

Part of the escape is outside, and we recommend you dress accordingly.


Book your Nanoq Escape – experience by contacting us at or by phone +358456401312

Nanoq Escape is available from the beginning of September on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 19.00. Contact us if our pre-set times don’t work for you.

Nanoq Escape must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

Groups who also want to book our smoke sauna or other spaces on the museum grounds automatically take priority, and the pre-set time do not apply to them. They can always book an escape, regardless of weekday.