Without our volunteers, sponsors and donors Nanoq would not exist – the museum is entirely built with donated money and materials. Over the years, the number of sponsors and donations has been many and we are extremely grateful for all the support we have received, small and big. A special thank you to our biggest sponsors and donors who made it possible to build the museum: UPM, Sparbanken Deposita and the City of Jakobstad. During all our years, we have also received valuable support from Svenska Kulturfonden.

Talkogang – Volunteers


“It’s great that the talko group has always been there. I am proud that we have accomplished all of this and will never forget those who have supported and sponsored the museum” – Pentti Kronqvist

The Nanoq Museum is especially unique, as it is built only with the help of voluntary labor and donations. No loan has ever been taken out.

Nanoq’s “talko gang”, the volunteers, were diligent and professional. Some were retired professionals from the construction industry, others were still employed, but everyone was multi-skilled. The talko gang consisted of builders such as bricklayers, carpenters and electricians, but there were also others who participated who came from other industries.

Everyone had a common goal and there was a strong desire for the work to be done with quality and accuracy. During the work, the talko gang became a tight-knit group, they trusted each other and enjoyed each other’s company. Although the work was sometimes very hard and intense, they still remembered to have fun at the same time.

The talko gang also raised money for the museum’s activities by arranging a café in center during the summer festival of Jakobstad and selling posters of pictures taken by Pentti during his travels.  

“At the museum we forgot the titles and everyone was equal and worked towards the same goal. We complemented each other and were friends. The community and social interaction was probably the best thing for all of us, the coffee breaks in Storstugan were fun and of course we also had good parties as a counterweight to hard work. No one was here against their will. Many hours we spent here, but now look at the quality of the job, beautiful and nice.  It’s cool that we built this, every stone, every nail our gang has put in place together” – Carl-Gustav Eriksson, talko member

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